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Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Mini M.A.C Collection (edited)

I have several M.A.C (Make-up Art Cosmetics) items - some of which were given by very dear friends, but mostly purchased with my own money. M.A.C is in my 'pricey' or 'high-end' list of brands therefore I only purchase items I really want and which I think is worth my money. I definitely do my research online by reading reviews before purchasing an item. Overall, I think M.A.C is indeed a very good cosmetics brand and if I had a little more money, I definitely would not mind getting more products to slowly grow my personal M.A.C collection (am currently lusting the eyeshadows! gahhh!).

Anyways, here goes. :)

M.A.C lipglosses are vanilla-scented which I really like. M.A.C carries several types of lipglosses such as the standard lipglass to plushglass and etc. Do check out their official website for a more detailed description of each type. 

L-R : 
(a) Tricolor Lipglass in SIMPLY DELICIOUS (sheer coral-red) - thank you MESHUGA!
(b) Lipglass in VIVA GLAM GAGA (semi-opaque cool-toned pink)
(c) Cremesheen Glass in FASHION SCOOP (sheer baby pink)
(d) Dazzleglass in VIA VENETO (shimmery purple with blue glitter)
(e) Plushglass in NICE BUZZ (shimmery champagne)

L-R: Simply Delicious, Viva Glam Gaga, Fashion Scoop, Via Veneto, Nice Buzz

I absolutely love M.A.C blushes. They have a great selection of colors and the blushes are long-lasting. The blushes come in a rather large pan size. Although I purchased these three over a year ago and use them relatively much, I have yet to hit pan! Great value, eh! Oh, definitely use a light-hand when applying M.A.C blushes because they are highly pigmented. Just see the pictures below. Va-va-voom bright!

(a) Sheertone blush in PINCH O' PEACH (matte mauve-pink) - thank you MESHUGA!
(b) Sheertone blush in INSTANT CHIC (matte coral-peach)
(c) Blush Ombre in RIPE PEACH 
     This blush is a gradient of shimmery orange to a matte coral-red (see blush pan).
     The middle swatch below is the bottom part of the pan which is the matte coral-red
     The fourth swatch below is the middle part of the pan which is a perfect coral.
     The last swatch below is the top part of the pan which is a shimmery orange.

L-R: Pinch O' Peach, Instant Chic, Ripe Peach

I own two cream eyeliners that come in pots. These eyeliners have a very smooth texture, great color pay-off and long-lasting power on my semi-oily lids.

BLACKTRACK is a matte black and RICH GROUND is a shimmery reddish brown.

I have a M.A.C Paint Pot in CORAL CREPE which is a deep coral eyeshadow base that is used before powder eyeshadow application. The paint pot will prevent creasing on lids and also enhance the eyeshadow color. Another base I own is the M.A.C Cream Color Base in SHELL which is a frosty pink-beige which can be used either on the eyes as a base or cheekbones as highlight. Finally, two M.A.C pigments - MELON (shimmery copper gold) and SHIMMERTIME (shimmery baby pink) are loose colored powder that I use as eyeshadows. These two shades or gorgeous! Check out the swatches below.

L-R: Coral Crepe, Shell, Melon (top-right), Shimmertime (bottom-right)
Paint Pot in Coral Crepe

Cream Color Base in Shell
L-R: Melon and Shimmertime (I forgot to take individual pictures of these pigments. Sorry!)

That is it for my mini M.A.C collection. No intention of expanding it just yet. Haha! But when I do, that will be another blog post.

Till then...

EDIT: I missed out on one more item - the M.A.C Powerpoint Pencil in PERMAPLUM. It is a pencil eyeliner that is a deep plum color. Perfect for days that you won't want to go totally black but something dark enough to enhance the eyes. This pencil eyeliner was a gift with purchase.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Part One : Brush Roll Review

Sorry this post took so long! I had to individually take pictures of every brush, edit the photos and actually use the brushes. Because the roll has 24 brushes, I decided to blog in two separate posts. Take note that all brushes were washed with MAC's Brush Cleaner twice before usage. (Always always wash new brushes to rid the dye and dirt.)

First picture shows the head of all 24 brushes. These 24 include eyes, lips, and face brushes. Very pretty eh!

Now, short individual write-ups of each brush. Brushes are self-named by me according to how I use them. :)

1) Eyebrow Brush & Mascara Comb 
Pretty standard brush, I'd say. The eyebrow brush has solid bristles but aren't scratchy when combing through the eyebrows. The mascara comb, however, is not very practical. The teeth are too wide to evenly comb out and separate eyelashes. I use the steel mascara comb which I blogged about in my last post.
Verdict : Eyebrow brush - YAY and mascara comb - NAY!


2) Mascara Spoolie Brush
Another standard brush. Well-sized. Bristles are very soft, much to my surprise. I love how the spoolie is slightly angled as well. I really love mascara spoolie brushes. I use them for my eyebrows and eyelashes. They do wonders!
Verdict : YAY


3) Sponge-Tip Applicator
I never fancied sponge-tip applicators that come in a proper looking handle. To me, sponge-tip applicators are meant to be disposed after several uses. Why, you ask? The color build-up, they wear off (rubbery-sponge tears off) and are not very wash-friendly. This one is no exception. So, I definitely prefer my disposable sponge-tip applicators rather than the proper ones. The quality of this applicator is decent - rubbery sponge on a flexible head.
Verdict : NAY


4) Fine Eyeliner Brush
I was excited for this brush as I don't own anything like it and was eager to use this brush with my gel/cream eyeliners. The picture shows how sharp and pointed the brush is. Well, do not let the picture fool you! After my first dip into the gel eyeliner, the brush hairs splayed and was totally flimsy. Application was such a hassle because the brush is too soft to draw a line. This brush gave absolutely no precision for eyeliner application. Such a disappointment.
Verdict : NAY 


5) Lip Brush
My first proper lip brush. I have a tiny lip brush given to me by Anna some time ago but that is more appropriate for travelling for the size it comes in. This brush is very soft but it's stiff enough to apply lip color. What I do is, after using a lipliner, I will use the brush to pick up some lipstick and then fill in the lips. I sometimes use the brush to apply lipgloss as well. I use a lip brush mainly to keep my lipstick/lipgloss clean (hygiene purposes) and not so much for precise application. (I can never put on lipstick/lipgloss straight from the tube especially right after a meal. Ergh.)
Verdict : YAY


6) Angled Eyebrow Brush
Perfect for filling in eyebrows with eyeshadow. The angle makes it easy to line the brows before filling it in completely. Brush hairs are very soft. 
Verdict : YAY


7) Curved Eyeliner Brush
Very comparable to my other curved eyeliner brush from Etude House (that's my absolute favorite brush for gel/cream eyeliners) in terms of the shape of the brush. This one is slightly more dense therefore it draws a thicker line on the eyes. Nevertheless, still a good eyeliner brush.
Verdict : YAY


8) Angled Eyeliner Brush
Also very comparable to an angled eyeliner brush from Etude House. This brush is very thin, makes drawing a precised line fairly easy with gel/cream liners. I do use this brush when lining my eyes with eyeshadow as well. 
Verdict : YAY


9) Round Flat Eyeshadow Brush (six of them)
This brush roll is definitely for someone like me who does not like to wash brushes often. It carries SIX round flat eyeshadow brushes. Haha! I can never have too many eyeshadow brushes as I use many different eyeshadow colors from time to time. I use these brushes to pat on color on the eyelid area. These six brushes are split into two sizes - 8mm and 10mm. The pictures might show you a different thing but trust me, I have three small round flat eyeshadow brushes and three more that are slightly bigger. The brushes are soft but it takes slightly more effort to get the eyeshadow color on to the brushes because they are not very dense. 
Verdict : NAY


To be continued in the next post ...

10) Angled Flat Eyeshadow Brush (three of them)
11) Pencil Eyeshadow Brush
12) Angled Blush Brush 
13) Angled Contour Brush
14) Face Powder Brush (two of them)
15) Fan Powder Brush
16) Fan Blush Brush

Edit: Part Two is up! Click here.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Beauty Accessories Haul

So I recently picked up a couple of beauty-related items (pink-related too! Just realized from the picture below that everything is pink :P)

1) GR Collection Scalp Massager
2) GR Collection Face Cell Roller
3) Sasatinnie Makeup Remover Wipes
4) Daiso Mascara Brush

All the above were purchased at 5 ringgit per piece.  :)

1) GR Collection Scalp Massager
Colour : Blue or Pink
Material : Plastic
Dimension : ~18cm (L) / ~10cm (W)
Use it to give yourself a scalp massage. Simply place the massager on top of your head and work it through from the forehead area to the back by applying gentle pressure as you go along. The instructions on the back of the packaging says to use it for about 10 minutes. 
Features (printed on packaging) :
Helps to boost blood circulation.
Lets you relax and relieve stress during the massage.
Light and handy - enjoy a head spa anywhere you like!
Review : 
I LOVE THIS THING! I do it right before I go to sleep, just on my bed - lightly massaging the entire crown area. It does give a very soothing and calming feel. 

2) GR Collection Face Cell Roller
Colour : Blue or Pink
Material Plastic - handle / Rubber - rollers
Dimension ~20cm (L) / ~8cm (W)
Use it to give yourself a face massage. Simply place the roller on your chin and roll it upwards towards the cheeks and then bring it down. The instructions on the back of the packaging says to use it for about 10 minutes. Doing this everyday could give you a slimmer V-shaped face. The unique V-shape design with four rollers (each roller has six massage points) enables perfect contact with the contour of your face.
Features (printed on packaging) :
Helps to boost blood circulation.
Helps reduce a double chin, dark circles and eye puffiness.
Review : 
I have never had a facial done so I don't know what a facial massage feels like but this roller somewhat gives a good feeling to the jaw area. I have only used it for a couple of days but I'm going to do it everyday for the next month and will let you know the results if this action does give a slimmer V-shaped face (though I doubt it. The main reason I bought this was more for blood circulation in the face area.)

3) Sasatinnie Makeup Remover Wipes
I have yet to use this but after I do, I will review and compare it with brands I have purchased before such as Nivea, The Body Shop and Simple. Stay tuned!

4) Daiso Mascara Brush
Colour : Pink
Material Plastic - handle / Metal - mascara comb 
Dimension ~15cm opened, 10cm closed (L) / ~0.7cm (W)
Use the mascara comb to comb through lashes after mascara application to remove mascara clumps and to separate the lashes. This will give the lashes a more defined look. Use the eyebrow brush to brush the eyebrows after drawing/filling them in for more natural-looking eyebrows.
Review : 
A definite must-have makeup tool. The mascara comb does wonders to the lashes as it separates the lashes evenly therefore giving lashes a fuller look. And I love how compact this tool is! Check out the pictures!

Questions? Drop me a comment! Till then...