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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Maybelline EyeStudio 24-Hour Lasting Drama Swirl Gel Liner in S01 Black & Silver

If you had read my last blog post dated January 26, you would have realized that I lied about blogging the next week, and I apologize right here, right now. Heh. It's almost a month after and here I am with a fresh new product review blog entry! 

To my faithful readers/followers, thanks for sticking with me. :)
The product name is really a mouthful so let me just call it the Maybelline Swirl Gel Liner, alright? I have had this gel liner and used it for about four months now and it is high time I share my thoughts about this product.

Simply, this gel liner is AWESOME. Haha! The end. 
C'mon, keep reading.

I first heard word about this 'swirl' gel liner from Tinkerbell because she first spotted it at a Watsons store. After that, I was searching high and low for it - visiting four Watsons stores before I got my hands on this gel liner gem. And when Tinkerbell mentioned 'swirl', it was difficult to picture what it really meant until I saw the product itself and was pretty amazed.

The gel liner I got consists of two colors - black and silver, swirled together like a lollipop. Very pretty in the jar, really. It is like having three colors of gel liner in one jar for one price. I could use only the black, only the silver or mix those two colors for a shimmery grey. Very very cool, Maybelline. Good job! I usually wear only the black because it is such an opaque matte black which I really like. I also have the MAC Blacktrack gel liner which is like the best of the best gel liners in the market and I dare say that Maybelline is almost there. Just a few more tweaks in the formula and I guess it will be as great! For me, MAC wins over Maybelline because its gel liner dries faster on my eye lids.

And yes, this gel liner is very water-proof and smudge-proof on my eye lids. The lasting power of 24-hours I have yet to test and will never get to it. That is a pretty big claim by Maybelline but I will never wear make-up for 24-hours to test the product. So if any of you want to try it out, let me know! :)

The added advantage that Maybelline has with its gel liners over other brands is that each jar is sold with a brush. This is such a brilliant idea and mind you, the brush is really of good quality. It is densely packed and slightly stiff, just nice for gel liner application. This would definitely ease the use of the gel liner for beginners. And also, the brush head is protected with a transparent cover which really is the winner for me. 

I now leave you pictures of the Maybelline Swirl Gel Liner in S01 Black & Silver... :)

L-R: Black only -- Silver only -- Black & Silver mixed 
(The lighting of the photo somehow washes out the color. Trust me, the black is black!)

My hooded-lid-eye wearing the black & silver liner

I end this blog entry with a tip on maintaining gel liners : make sure the caps are screwed tight and jars overturned after use to avoid gel liners from drying out too quickly. 

Till then...


manya said...

Wonderful review, you made me love this product a lot! There is another one too which is brown and gold combination, I am going to try that! Joined you Via GFC! Check my blog too!

makeupau said...

Hi manya!

Just realized the comment after a month.
Yikes. Sorry about that.

Thanks for dropping by my blog and am really glad this review has helped you.
I get all happy inside when I receive comments such as yours. Thank you again for your support and I will check out your blog, definitely!