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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tag : This-Or-That Beauty Tag

Blush or Bronzer                       
-- BLUSH (oh, i love my blushes. without a doubt.)

Lipgloss or Lipstick                   
-- LIPGLOSS (i do own more lipglosses than lipsticks so, yeah...)

Eyeliner or Mascara                 
-- EYELINER (oh yes. eyeliner over mascara anytime!)

Foundation or Concealer          
-- CONCEALER (it sorta depends but i rarely do a full face of foundation.)

Neutral or Color (eyeshadow) 
-- BOTH (i really cannot choose. i will be lying if i were to choose either one because i do neutral and color every other day!)

Pressed or Loose (eyeshadow) 
-- PRESSED (although i do own a good amount of loose eyeshadows, pressed ones are easier and less of a hassle.)

Brushes or Sponges                  
-- BRUSHES (me no likey rubbery sponges cause they smelly. XP)

Perfume or Body Splash            
-- PERFUME (i have yet to come across a nice-smelling body splash. lots of it just smell like body odor at the end of the day.)

Lotion or Body Butter                
-- BODY BUTTER (i love the body shop ones!)

Body Wash or Soap (bar)          
-- BODY WASH (i can't remember the last time i used a bar of soap. hmmmm...)

OPI or China Glaze                   
-- OPI (no reason. i kinda like China Glaze too but... oh well.)

Long or Short                            
-- SHORT (always... because i have soft, brittle nails. :( )

Acrylic or Natural                     
-- NATURAL (without a doubt!)

Brights or Darks                       
-- BOTH (same reason as the neutral vs color eyeshadow question above. i love all!)

I tag Nicole's MirrorMakeupgeeek and Ngaku

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