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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

EOTD 03 : Bright Greens

~ " Green is the best color in the whole wide world! " ~ Elaine Chin


The above shows my quote of the day. :)

Here's a quick eye look that I put together today. Only three eyeshadow colors for the lid and brows. 


NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Rocky Mountain Green
Elianto Vibrant Shadow in Jewellery Green, Young Lemon and Ivory Black

Jewellery Green, Young Lemon, Ivory Black

1) Apply a green base (NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Rocky Mountain Greenall over the lid area, a little passed the crease.
2) Place a bright green (Elianto Young Lemon) on the lid area where the base was applied earlier, leaving the outer corner untouched.
3) Now, use a deeper green (Elianto Jewellery Green) on the outer corner and blend it in with the bright green.
4) Use a black eyeshadow (Elianto Ivory Black) to line the eyes and to lightly fill in the brows.

Photos taken with flash.

Photos taken without flash in normal daylight.

This look is great for hooded lids as well! The color still peeks through!

And here are both eyes, one all made up and the other as bare as it can be. Hahaha!

Till the next post... 


nicole said...

I like your eyes!!!So pretty!! XD And the eye look you've created. the greens are gorgeous!!

Oh btw I bought my UD 15th yr anniversary palette from sgdrugstore before the palette reach KL. But now I think you can get it from sephora KL if they still have this in stock :)

makeupau said...

Thanks, Nicole! Glad you like the look . Try it out! :D:D

I have no idea how to "reply" to your comment as this is a totally new comment? :( Bah. Blogger noob.
Anyways, I hope you see this message! :D

Both Sephora stores in KL have ran out of the palette. :(

Grace Roum said...

Hi Elaine!

Awesome blog you have!! Now I have smtg to read. :)

Love how clean the eyeshadow application on you. Everytime i put on some vibrant colors, they always end up messy. sigh.

and how do you knw Nicole? or do you two knw each other coz of the beauty blog?

Elaine said...

Thanks, but your blog is awesome-er! Haha!
Updates are not very frequent on my blog. :( Heh.

No, I don't personally know Nicole.
Came across her beauty blog while surfing. :D

Rainy Days and Lattes said...

Absolutely love the green eyeshadow. The hint of yellow is so pretty :) Good job!

Elaine said...

Rainy Days and Lattes : Thank you! I really do love yellow-greens.
And thanks for dropping by my blog... :D