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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Contact Lenses - Living With It!

No, not a sponsored post by the brands about to be mentioned whatsoever.

I picked up an Acuvue booklet from Focus Point last week and it's a "First-Time Contact Lens User Guide". I thought it'd be pretty fun to share some advice/tips that I read where make-up and lenses are concerned.

ONE:      Put your lenses in before you put on your make-up.
(Erm... well, I do that... sometimes. :P)

TWO:     Apply eyeshadow and liner gently, so you don't jostle or damage your lenses.
(Yes, very good advice. You don't want your lenses tearing up in your eye now, do you?)

THREE:     Use oil-free and fragrance-free eye make-up.
(Most of my make-up are oil-free and fragrance-free. So, that's good.)

FOUR:     Use water-resistant mascara and eyeliner to prevent flaking and smudging.
(Oh, yes! Especially if your eyes tear-up easily. Water-proof/water-resistant make-up is necessary!)

FIVE:     Remove your lenses before your remove your eye make-up.
(This is so important, people! And, always always always remove your make-up before going to bed!)

And here's a professional tip (...from the booklet, of course. I am no eye specialist...) :

20/20/20 BREAK RULE:     
Every 20 minutes, rest your eye for 20 seconds by looking at a distant object at least 20 feet away.


Cool? So, are all you users of lenses doing the above? Do share!
I am off to rest my eyes for 20 seconds.

Till then...

(Haha! I am probably going to take 2000 seconds... well, it's nap time! :D)

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