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Friday, March 4, 2011

Stage Cosmetics Haul

I hauled BIG TIME after several visits to Stage Cosmetics as they were having the 8 ringgit @ 18 ringgit sale over a period of Christmas 2010 and Chinese New Year 2011. 

For what was to be 575 ringgit, I spent less than a third of that. What a steal!

10 nail polishes + 2 eyeshadows + 1 lipliner + 
1 eye primer + 1 lipgloss + 2 blushes 
I forgot to include the lipliner and the blushes in the group picture. :'(  )

Let's break down the items, shall we... :)

I got two eyeshadow colors (called Eye Shadow Mono) :-
10 Bahamas (shimmery taupe) and 26 Wildflower (shimmery lavender).

Texture/Formula : Buttery smooth to the touch. 
Color payoff : Not that great as I expected it to be. The third picture below shows Bahamas swatched twice and Wildflower three times. These eyeshadows will probably show up better with a base.

Bahamas can be worn alone all over the lid for a natural look. 
Pair it with Wildflower for a pop of color. Very pretty indeed! 
I will probably do an eyeshadow tutorial using these two colors and post it up. Stay tuned!

10 Bahamas (left) and 26 Wildflower (right)

10 Bahamas (shimmery taupe) and 26 Wildflower (shimmery lavender)

The Prime Time Eye Perfecting Base that I bought was the lighter of the two shades available. I have not used it but when I do, it will be a separate post altogether as a review and how it compares to the other primers I already own.

01 Vanilla in a silver mirror compact case
A swatch of 01 Vanilla (a yellow base)

I was looking for a color that I did not already have in my makeup stash and after reading another beauty blog, Skin Deco, I decided to go with 12 Sophia for its cream peachy orange color. This has no shimmer/glitter whatsoever. Just a high shine lipgloss that adds a hint of color and creates plump-looking lips. I love how it is very moisturizing and does not have that sticky/gooey feel when applied on lips.


I bought ten bottles. TEN. That's an insane number to buy from one particular brand but because it is that good AND going for less than half its original price AND with a formula that is formaldehyde and toluene free, I could not resist. The Stage nail polish is such an ease when it comes to application and the finish is so shiny that one would not necessarily need a top coat. Most of the colors show up with just one coat. ONE. Impressive, eh?! The pearl-finished polishes needed two. ( Hmmm... I mention a lot of numbers in this paragraph. Haha! )

All Rounder Multi-Protective Coat : An all-in-one base and top coat with stain and UV protection
01 Innocent : (Pearl) white
03 Pretty : (Pearl) warm pink
04 Delicious : (Cream) nude pink beige
05 Luscious : (Cream) bright cool pink
07 Gorgeous : (Shimmer) cherry red 
11 Vivacious : (Shimmer) dark lilac
12 Astounding : (Shimmer) dark egg plant purple - looks almost brown
18 Drama : (Cream) dark chocolate brown
19 Extreme : (Shimmer) dirty gold / dark olive green

L-R: All Rounder Multi-Protective Coat - 01 Innocent - 03 Pretty - 04 Delicious - 05 Luscious
L-R: 07 Gorgeous - 11 Vivacious - 12 Astounding - 18 Drama - 19 Extreme 

I wanted somethin' nude to pair my nude lipsticks with : 01 Nearly Naked. 

Texture/Formula : Pretty drying. Tugs lips during application.
Color payoff : Decent. The third picture below shows the liner swatched twice.

I have a lot of blushes but I guess one can never have enough. Haha! I picked up two blushes in their refill pans (much cheaper, of course!) in 02 Iris and 10 Heather. If I had not already own more than five blushes, I would have gotten more. :D

Texture/Formula : Very very smooth, finely milled. Excellent quality.
Color payoff : AMAZING! These blushes are so good. The pigmentation is awesome. All you need is a tiny tiny bit to dust your entire cheek area. Picture below shows these blushes swatched once.

L-R: 10 Heather and 02 Iris

That's it for my Stage Cosmetics haul. I hope this post helps those who are new to this brand. I am not at all affiliated with Stage, okay! I am not getting paid for this post. I could not find any blog that has reviews on products by Stage so I thought I would share my thoughts on certain items that I got. 

All in all, I must say the nail polishes and blushes are the most impressive of the lot and I would totally recommend them. The downside is that the nail polish range has only twenty shades in hues of pink, red, purple and brown. So if you are one that fancy bright fun colors, this might disappoint you.

Till then.

Now when is the next sale... Hmmm. Hahaha!

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