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Friday, March 4, 2011

Nude Lipsticks

Nude lipsticks : one of the biggest makeup trends that will never go out of style. I can say that because I myself own a mini collection of nude lipsticks. :P Nude colors tend to draw people who are new to lipsticks and are not yet bold enough to be wearing bright colored pinks or reds, like myself. But however, I do own a couple of red lippies now and shall be rockin' bright lips in no time. I hope. :D

L-R : RIMMEL Nude Delight - REVLON Soft Nude - NYX Honey - NATURAL CONNECTION Apple Blossom 
- NYX Rea - NYX Circe

NYX Rea : Milky chocolate brown nude
NYX Circe : Milk tea brown nude (more pink undertone)
NYX Honey : Milk tea brown nude (more yellow undertone)
(Gotta love NYX round lipsticks -  creamy and moisturizing with great color payoff!)
NATURAL CONNECTION Apple Blossom : Beige pink nude. Very pretty color but it totally causes my lips to peel. Big chunky flakes of skin. Bah! Sad, really.
REVLON Soft Nude : My favorite nude lipstick among what I have. Great color, very creamy. Does not dry out lips.
RIMMEL Nude Delight : Very creamy and very moisturizing. A bit too creamy that it does not last long on lips and settles into lines. Great color, though.

I am still finding the PERFECT shade of nude lipstick aka MY-LIPS-BUT-BETTER color with great texture.

Do you own any nude lipsticks? Care to share? :)

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