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Friday, March 11, 2011

Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus in BR666 Mascara Review

It is not yet the weekend and I should be focusing on something else which is of top priority today BUT I could not withdraw myself from the makeup world. Oh help me, please. :( So as promised... here goes!

I spotted the new Limited Edition Majolica Majorca (lets call it MM from now on) Lash Expander Frame Plus in BR666 at Watsons and had to get it! The code BR stands for BROWN meaning this is a BROWN mascara. A rare find for me. :) I first heard about it from Fuzkittie (Facebook & YouTube beauty blogger - do check her out!) and she raved about how great this mascara is and highly recommends it in her February Likes & Dislikes video.

Remember in one of my previous posts on the Max Factor mascara, I had mentioned that the MM Volume On mascara was a booboo that had cost me 50 ringgit. Well, this MM mascara however is no booboo! It's a definite hit at 38 ringgit! :) I don't remember what the claims of this mascara are but from the name 'expander frame plus' itself, I gather it to lengthen and expand the frame of my lashes. No? :)

The Brush : Standard MM wands. If you don't own any MM mascara, please check out the picture below. It's a dual-sided plastic mascara comb. One side with narrower teeth and the other side the has more spaced-out teeth.

The Formula :This mascara has tiny fibers in it that creates fuller and longer lashes upon application. It is not too wet so application is non-messy on the lashes. HOWEVER, you definitely need practice on using the plastic mascara comb otherwise smudges will be apparent all over the lids and even under. I am speaking from experience here! :P And please be careful not to get the little fibers into the eyes!

The Effect : On MY own lashes, this mascara lengthens mucho to my liking and volumizes just a little bit. Since this mascara is specialized for length, I won't critic the volume effect of it. :) And because it is brown, I love how natural it looks on my lashes. Plus, the mascara holds the curls like no other!  

MM Lash Expander Frame Plus in BR666
MM Lash Expander Frame Plus mascara wand

And now, pictures of the Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus mascara in action. Enjoy!

Bare lashes!

Curl 'em with your favorite eyelash curler! 

Jiggle and wiggle the narrow side of the wand amongst your lashes to coat them evenly. 
Keep on combing your lashes till you get the desired length (as you comb, the fibers are extending your lashes).

As you can see, a brown mascara makes lashes look pretty natural and that's why I like it!

So, do you use brown or any other colored mascaras? This is my very first one and I am indeed excited! In fact, I am itching to get the new Limited Edition (yet again) Lush Gorgeous Wing Neo in RD600. And you know what RD means? 

RED!!! A berry red mascara! I will let you guys know when I see this in stores. Woot woot!

Picture captured from Majolica Majorca's website

Till then... Please keep Japan in your prayers. The nation was just hit by an 8.9 magnitude earthquake resulting in killer tidal waves - TSUNAMI. Tsunami warnings have been issued for at least 20 other countries. Information cited from CNN. Stay safe, everyone!

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