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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Blogging Challenge - 10 April - 'J'

J for JUICE.

Fruit juice to be exact!
My favorite juices are : apple, orange, carrot, watermelon, honeydew and great hog plum.

"WHAT IS A GREAT HOG PLUM?", you might ask.

Anyways, a great hog plum is also known as the ambarella fruit (buah kedondong in malay).
It is a little sour fruit that is usually eaten with sweet shrimp paste.
Or, the fruit could be pulped and made into juice - and that's the way I like it better!

Here are some pictures (credits to the rightful owners of these pictures).

The Ambarella fruit tree

The Ambarella fruit up-close and personal
(looks so green and good!)

Pickled Ambarella
(it is really sour on its on so people enjoy the pickled fruit
more than the fresh fruit itself)

So, I hope you guys learned something new today. 
AMBARELLA (just UMBRELLA really), also known as the GREAT HOG PLUM!

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