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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blogging Challenge - 3 April - 'C'

Today's alphabet is - C.

C for CELLNIQUE. Have you guys heard of this brand before? When I first did, I thought it was just trying to be the next CLINIQUE - kind of a copycat if you look at the name, right? Anyways, I first discovered this brand of high-end skincare line about 18 months ago from My Women Stuff and I eventually got a sample of the brand's infamous Skin Action Sebum Gel. I fell in love with it right after and have purchased three full-sized bottles since. One bottle will last me about six months with two applications daily.

What this Sebum Gel does is, it reduces blackheads/whiteheads significantly and by significantly I mean... A LOT! I cannot go a day without putting this on my face. It is an essential in my skincare routine. I do not have before and after pictures to show you (sorry about that) so I guess you guys have to take my word for it! :P But please do read reviews and see pictures on other blogs because the Skin Action Sebum Gel really really does work! 

I do want to try other products from this brand but it's pretty pricey for me at the moment so I guess that will have to wait. Have you guys tried CELLNIQUE before? What's good and what's not?

By the way, CELLNIQUE did not pay me to do this!!! It's just part of the blogging challenge that I decided to talk about it. 

Till then...

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