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Friday, April 8, 2011

Blogging Challenge - 8 April - 'H'


What makes you happy? Money? Love? Food?
And how do you measure happiness? 

If money makes you happy, does that mean : 
A lot of money = a lot of happiness = very very happy
A little bit of money = still happy but not that happy



If food makes you happy, does that mean by eating a lot equals a very happy you?

Wikipedia referenced "HAPPINESS" from this site stating : 
HAPPINESS is a mental state of well-being characterized by positive emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

Well, I am not very happy today. Reason being : An unknown person, who by the looks of it is very happy, just made another person's day an unhappy one which results in me being unhappy as well. Here's the story:

I was parked behind a VIVA, waiting in the car for a friend to pack dinner. In front of the VIVA was a pretty narrow empty space. Along comes a BMW wanting to park at the narrow empty space. The driver does a left-hand-side parking - shifts into reverse, zooms into the space and pushing the VIVA back. It was a SUPER loud bang and imagine the impact there was for the VIVA, parked there, to being pushed towards the back - where I was. The driver of the BMW was so ignorant - he could not care less if there was damaged done to the VIVA. He happily parked his car and did not bother to get down from his BMW. Instead, he wound down his window and was totally relaxed with his two dogs as if nothing had happened. Just. Like. That. He did not even care about the witnesses around to say that he was in the wrong. If he ever was confronted, he would probably just take some cash out, give it to the VIVA driver and leave. Such a person, I believe, is happy for all the wrong reasons. 

Why is there such a person in this world? Please tell me. I am unhappy. And agitated. I.Want.To.Slap.Him. I have been thinking. What if I was the VIVA owner? What would I have done? What would YOU have done?

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