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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Blogging Challenge - 2 April - 'B'

Today's alphabet is - 'B'.
'B' for BIRTHDAY, of course! It's my birthday today! Hip Hip Hooray!
After receiving the birthday wishes via Facebook wall posts and mobile text messages, I can very well say that I FEEL THE LOVE! I have family and friends who care. So, THANK YOU EVERYONE.

'B' is also for BARRY M. My good buddy, Min just got back from the UK and she helped me purchase two bottles of Barry M Nail Paint - one is the black Nail Effects and the other is a limited edition color #030. 
So the current trend for nails is the crackle/shatter/effects nails. What you do is to paint the crackle/shatter/effects polish on top of a base color and it will crackle/shatter/effects up to give a pretty funky nail look. I am not explaining it very well. Haha! Just check out the pictures below.

Totally cool, right? I actually recorded a video but Blogger won't upload it. :( I will probably host in on YouTube and attach a link here. :)

Anyways, I will C you tomorrow for another post. *winks* Till then...

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